Sights in Zagreb that you should visit

Trg bana Jelačića

The ban Jelačić square is a central place of the Zagreb city, that is filled with life and interesting stories. It originated at the foot of two settlements, Kaptol and Gradec, next to the Manduševac spring, the last to which the legend of the city’s name origin is connected. This square is one of the favorite gathering places of the people in Zagreb, and the residents meet there every day at to all well-known points- “under the clock” and “under the tail”. On the square itself there are many cafes and shops where you will enjoy a variety of content. It should be pointed out that various events are regularly held on the square, so you can find this interesting content on the website of the Zagreb Tourist Board throughout the whole year

The legend of the origin of the name of the city says: “One sunny day, an old, ancient ban, tired and thirsty, on his way back from battle, told the beautiful girl Mandi to grab water from a spring (grab! – zagrabi!/zagrebi!). Thus, the source was named Manduševac, and the city was named Zagreb. At the time when the water from the well was drinkable, it was said that those who drank that water would always return to Zagreb.

Today, there is a legend about Manduševac as a well of happiness that fulfils one’s desire in exchange for a coin.

Church of St. Mark the Evangelist

Located on the square of St. Mark next to the building of Croatian parliament, this church is one of the oldest monuments of Zagreb, but also one of the oldest parish churches in Zagreb. It is a protected cultural property of the Republic of Croatia, and due to the specific appearance of the roof, it is one of the most famous churches in Croatia.

On the colorful roof there are two big crests: one is crest of Zagreb city (in red version) and the other one is the crest of Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

Grički top

If you find yourself walking in the upper city at noon, a loud bang from the Lotršćčak castle could surprise you. Don’t worry, you are safe! That is only the Grich cannon letting us know that it is noon. And it’s been like this for almost 150 years, ever since 1877. The Grich cannon even has its own Facebook profile where every day, without a mistake, it announces the status BOOM at noon!

Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb Cathedral is one of the most famous sights of the city of Zagreb. It was built in the neo-Gothic style, it can accommodate 5,000 people, and the special features of the cathedral are the two rather high bell towers, each 108 meters high. The cathedral has had a recognizable role since ancient times, and its splendour shows that Zagreb was a very important Central European city.

The Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum is the main museum in Zagreb and a valuable example of a neo-renaissance palace, a valuable cultural centre of the city of Zagreb in which extremely valuable works of art have been preserved. Ante Topić Mimara played a major role in the development of this museum, as he managed to collect highly esteemed artists, ie their works. If you are in Zagreb, be sure to see all the beauties hidden in the Mimara Museum.

The tunnel Grič
The tunnel located below Gradec (Grič) connects Mesnička and Radićeva Streets, and exits vertically in three places in Ilica and one in Tomićeva Street to the south. The tunnel was built to protect the population of that time from dangerous attacks during World War II.
Although its basic purpose has not been fully fulfilled, it has been renovated in recent years and today is an extremely attractive location for many events. We will only mention that various fashion events, musicians’ performances, Advent walks and various other attractive events are held in the Grič tunnel today.
Dolac market

Dolac Market is the most colourful place in Zagreb and as such is a unique symbol of the city. Zagreb’s most popular market of the local population, popularly called the “belly of the city” and is also a place where you can find local food and products grown in households throughout Croatia.

If you are looking for home-grown fruits and vegetables, fish, meat or unique home-made products – be sure to head to Dolac. The market opens its doors early in the morning, and many residents and tourists pass through it during the day – in search of the highest quality local delicacies.


Medvednica or Zagrebačka gora is a mountain north of the city of Zagreb and its western part was declared a Nature Park in 1981. It is an ideal place for the locals to escape from the city crowds. If you crave recreation and fresh air, be sure to head to the slopes of this interesting mountain. Medvednica is full of plant and animal species, but also many historical stories – so everyone has the opportunity to explore it in their own way.

If you go to the mountain, be sure to visit the Medvedgrad, fortress on Medvednica built in the 13th century, which also offers a view of the whole Zagreb.

You can explore some other places near Zagreb such as Plitvice Lakes or Trakošćan Castle.

Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park is classified into one of the most beautiful European destinations, a place where, despite its small area of ​​316 hectares, many plant and animal species have found refuge.

In a park full of content, it is an indescribable experience to walk along one of the five picturesque Maksimir lakes where swans swim and boats sail. Hidden pavilions, summer mansions and sculptures contribute to its romance, and since 1925 there has also been a Zoo, full of many animal species as a special attraction for the youngest children who will probably adore the fact that in Zoo they can feed otters, seals and sea lions. In addition to the park, you can also see the stadium of the Zagreb football club Dinamo.

Jarun lake
Jarun lake, which citizens popularly call the “Zagreb Sea”, is a favourite gathering place for athletes and recreationists because it offers a variety of content for people eager for sports activities. The beautiful lake serves to refresh and relax on the beaches in the summer months. When the sun slightly hides its rays, runners and cyclists appear on the lake, as well as everyone else who is looking for a quality way for recreation.