Where to eat in Zagreb?

If you get hungry after a long day of sightseeing in Zagreb, you will find a big variety of restaurants for everyone’s taste. Many of the restaurants have been verified by the Michelin Guide controllers, which is a proof of the quality offer that gets better each day. In Zagreb’s kitchen, culinary influences of different cultures get mixed, such as Austrian, Hungarian, Czech, Mediterranean (mostly Italian), French, Balkan and Turkish kitchen.

In the perfectly concise culinary philosophy under the expression “domaće je domaće” (home-made is home-made), citizens of Zagreb show their respect for the local tradition when assessing the quality of a particular dish. You can experience that on festivals, fairs, festivities and similar events dedicated to food and drinks, and Zagreb’s social calendar is full of those type of activities.

Indulge in the richness of Zagreb’s culinary mosaic with some of our favourites:

If you find yourself in the city centre, go visit Apetit, a restaurant which combines Central European and Mediterranean kitchen, using the best of both worlds. Not only is it a great spot for relaxing and meeting up with friends, but it is also often loved by businessmen for meetings with their business partners.

Combines homemade and international kitchen. It got its name from a grape variety which is also a trademark of this restaurant, and it arrived in Dalmatia from USA in the 19th century.

If you are looking for a comfortable restaurant with an intimate atmosphere that at the same time offers top notch ingredients, you should visit ManO. Only a ten minute walk from the main square, located in the museum Gliptoteka with an original interior in the industrial style, ManO offers an interesting blend of old and modern. The menu changes twice a year, depending on the time of the year.

Boban is a restaurant that nurtures Mediterranean kitchen with emphasis on the Italian kitchen, and it is owned by our legendary football star Zvonimir Boban. They know their way with carbohydrates; their pasta is handmade and they make their own bread. It is also located in the centre of the city.

La Marquise boulangerie & patisserie
On two locations in Zagreb (address Rebar 25 and Bukovačka 25), a married couple from France Céline and Sebastien bring the French dessert tradition primarily to those who have sweet tooth . La Marquise combines a bakery, that offers fresh bread, buns, and similar bakery products, with handmade cookies, macarons and cakes. Shelfs are filled throughout the day with each product being sold- so you can always order your favourite dessert.

At the number one in the street of pope Dukljanin, an address already known to the gourmets, a restaurant named Noel settled in and it quickly became a desirable ‘fine dining’ place.

Zrno Bio Bistro
Zrno – the first and the only certified 100% vegan organic restaurant in Croatia that uses ingredients from its own organic farm! Apart from their regular food offer, they also serve macroplates, and the portions are quite large, so if you come in pair, you can share some of the meals with a partner. Sometimes that is recommended, so you can leave some space for some of their phenomenal desserts and drinks they make.

The first Japanese restaurant in Zagreb is a famous synonym for Japanese and “fusion specialties ”fusion“ nialitet. In this modern environment you can eat (maybe even for the first time) sushi, wok, tempura, uramaki and other traditional Japanese meals, they especially emphasize the highly esteemed Japanese Bluefin tuna. After the main course, aside from a tempting choice of desserts, there is also a large choice of cocktails waiting for you that will complete your meal.

A combination of modern and traditional kitchen best describes what you get in Agava. On a well-known location overlooking Tkalčićeva Street you can calmly enjoy on the „green terace“ and discover the true charm of this restaurant, and of course the amazing offer of meals, many of them being authentic.

Mr. Moo
In the heart of Zagreb, in the famous Tkalčićeva Street at the house number 84, under the leadership of chef Ivana Antolković and young talented chef Robert Ciglar, there is an excellent fine dining restaurant.

They offer dishes prepared from seasonal organic foods, and implementation of molecular cuisine, and the implementation of molecular cuisine is particularly noticeable, which makes this restaurant different from many other ones in this Zagreb street known for its colourful cuisine for the masses.

If you are looking for a kind of fast street food, we recommend you to visit:

Recommendations for fast food: Pingvin, Good Food, Ali Kebaba, Submarine Burger Radnicka, Mekper’s, KFC, American Bar Papa’s, BABA by Rougemarin, Wok and Walk, Wok By Matija, WokMe Cinkica Dubrava, Tutta Forza, Capuciner Pizzeria & Spaghetteria, Pizzeria Maslina, Ginger Sushi, Lari & Penati, Petrinjska, Soi Fusion Bar, Ilica, El Toro Street Food, Petrinjska, Burgeraj, Preradovićeva, Heritage, Petrinjska, Rocket Burger, Tkalčićeva, Market, Gundulićeva, Evergreen sushi, Ilica, Soho Sushi.